3D Knee Compression Pad

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Knee pain won't get worse when you use our 3D Knee Compression Pad! It's specially designed to help support and relieve pressure on your knees for a more comfortable walking experience.


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Knee pain won't get worse when you use our 3D Knee Compression Pad! It's specially designed to help support and relieve pressure on your knees for a more comfortable walking experience.

  • Promotes pain relief and muscle/joint recovery - 3D Knee Compression Pad enhances circulation of blood and oxygen thereby increasing muscle performance, and accelerate recovery of injured muscles, joints and much more.
  • Gives flexibility and confidence - Pain free knee gives you the confidence to do just about any sports and exercise activity! Never limit yourself again.
  • Guaranteed improved performance - 3D Knee Compression improves muscular endurance thereby making you stay longer whether in sports or at work.

HIGH QUALITY AND DURABLE - The 3D Knee Compression Pad is made up of 68% nylon and 32% spandex which means it's lightweight and breathable. It has a 4-way elasticated stretch feature that makes the sleeves stay in place no matter how intense your work out.

ADJUSTABLE - The 3D Knee Compression Pad is proud of its bi-directional feature created with 3D weaving technology. Made with high elastic soft fabric that allows adjustment to fit your size and experience a 360 degree knee protection.

  1. Insert the sleeves onto your legs and make sure that the square Velcro loop is positioned in front and above your knee.
  2. Wrap the straps from the front going to the back of your knee.
  3. Then make another wrap from back to front going towards the Velcro loop.
  4. Hook the straps to the loop and adjust it according to your comfort.

Right Size Matters

Getting the perfect size at the first try is as important as getting the right product. But we understand that deciding what size to take could sometimes be a pain. You can refer to the chart below to get the perfect size for you.

How to measure your upper knee


Pain Relief

There's a whole host of acute injuries and chronic conditions that can cause knee pain. The 3D Compression Knee pad could help improve blood circulation while promoting healing and recovery. It also gives extraordinary comfort that reduces stress while reducing knee fatigue during intense exercise.

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Premium Quality

The 3D Knee Compression pad is made with advanced knitting technology and high-breathable material. This item is made of well-made knitting fabric, which is soft, stretchy, breathable, sweat absorbing, and comfy.


Prevent Knee and Joint Injury

The 3D Knee Compression Pad has a 360 degrees kneecap support that lessens stress on the knee joint. This means ultimate stability and support for you!

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Customer Review

4.8 Out Of 5 Stars

Jared A.

Love it!

I love the sleeves! The warmth it gives to my legs, especially to my knees is so comforting. Glad I bought one.

Stephen J.

Best Compression Ever

I suffered from a lot of injuries and surgeries. By far, this the best compression sleeve that I have tried. Super comfortable and it gives me the support I need.

Joseph B.

Super Comfortable!

Easy to use. Fully adjustable. Super comfortable. Totally impressed!

Joseph B.

My Life Saver

I used to feel excruciating pain every time I go for a short walk. Now, I can do just about anything. Great product!

Lamont C.

Surprisingly Good

Honestly, I didn't expect it would be this comfy because of its price. I'm really surprised. Would definitely tell my friends about it.

Madeline S.

Quality Product

Comfortable and lightweight. The quality is superb. Already found what I am looking for in a brace.