Powerknee Joint Support

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Power up your knees with our Power Knee Joint Support! Improve the way you do your exercise, heavy lifting, as well as your performance in various sports.



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Tired of feeling the weight of your two legs on your knees? The Power Knee Joint Support is perfect for those who need some relief. It’s a favorite among people with arthritis, sports injuries and workers getting back to their feet after crouching all day.

Get one now and enjoy the following benefits

  • HEAL AND RECOVER FAST - With arthritis and joint pain coming up, find the perfect knee support equipment that will help relieve your symptoms. The all-around design of this garment provides a light form-fitting feeling for both your kneecap and soft tissue to better heal. Keep on with just about any activity while going like hiking, jogging or even playing basketball! As an added feature, compression packs heat but also stretches to give you the right amount of warmth without adding too much discomfort.
  • IMPROVED LIFTING POWER - When you tend to pick up something heavy, your knee often hurts. Wish there was a simple way around it? Power Knee Joint Support is the answer. Wearing this will lighten some of the pressure on your knees and make lifting things easier for you. So don’t hesitate to try this product out if you often find yourself nursing that nagging pain after doing chores at home or simply lifting some groceries!
  • VERSATILITY - Make those knees and legs feel strong! Get the flexibility to enjoy any sports you like. The Power Knee Joint Support is here to help give your body the support needed  in your quest for glory.

DURABLE - The Power Knee Joint Support is built with high quality, lightweight aluminum alloy body with specially manufactured spring that provides strong elasticity. It has a Velcro-type length control that allows you to wear it inside or outside your pants.

COMFORTABLE - Whether worn directly on bare knees or over the pants, Power Knee Joint Support is so comfortable to wear because of its breathable mesh.

One pack includes One Pair of Power Knee Joint Support

  1. Position the brace at the back of your knee. Make sure that the spring is centered to the knee joint for maximum comfort. Choose the longer part of the brace as the upper side.
  2. Put one of the straps through the hole of the other strap.
  3. Wrap the straps around your leg going towards the Velcro loop at the back. Once reached, hook the straps on.
  4. Do the same step to the remaining straps then adjust the tightness according to your desired tension and comfort.

Right Size Matters

Getting the right size is just as important as getting the right product. Luckily, Powerknee Joint Support can fit most sizes since it is adjustable up to 59 cm knee circumference. Use the included sizing guide to make sure you've got a perfect match for your size range. Whether it's runner legs, knees that need everyday support, or anything in between—this adjustable knee support will fit nearly all leg shapes!

How to measure your upper knee


Light form-fitting

The all-around design of this garment provides a light form-fitting feeling for both your kneecap and soft tissue to better heal.

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Quality Materials Image


Quality Materials

Made with the highest grade lightweight aluminum alloy and diving grade fabric; breathable and waterproof.


Lift Easier

Efforless lift like never before! Powerknee lightens the pressure on your knees making lifting easier, and pain-free.

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Customer Review

4.8 Out Of 5 Stars

James D.

It helps!

I use it everyday while I am on construction sites. I must say, it helps me a lot. It gave me an added lifting confidence. No longer worried about sore knees.

Timothy C.


Feels like I'm on my A game every time I play basketball with these. So comfortable and I can literally feel the support.

Leny M.

Awesome Product!

I bought this for my husband. Haven't heard any complaints from him going up and down the stairs ever since he got it so I think this works.

Richard H.

Pain Free Knee

Wonderful Knee support. Very comfortable. Pain free knee!

Andrew W.

Satisfied Customer

So satisfied with this knee support. Just what I needed for my exercise routine.

Dorian P.

It sure works

Comfortable and easy to wear. For a guy like me who does heavy lifting for a living, this is a must have.