Dual Knee Brace

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Are you suffering from knee pain when doing any kind of exercise and it feels like walking is already a big task?


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The Dual Knee Brace provides both knee support and a sense of relief for people who suffer from pain in the knees. It will help keep your knee cap stabilized all day long, so you can get through even the most challenging tasks without suffering discomfort.

Dual Knee Brace is a great solution for those suffering from kneecap pains. It applies comfortable pressure on the patellar tendon, which reduces stress and relieves tension in your knee bones.

Adjustable straps to fit multiple shapes and sizes. The Dual Knee Brace is so easy to wear that it can be worn while you're out and about or doing your daily activities. Even better, the adjustable straps allow for custom support which means no more aches in your joints when you need them most! Designed to wear all day without having to constantly adjust the strap.

Assists with reducing the pain associated with many common injuries. Recommended to help reduce pain and gain support for: Arthritis, Patellar Tendonitis (also called Jumper's Knee), Osteoarthritis, Chondromalacia (also called chondromalacia patellae or Runner’s Knee), IT Band Syndrome, Osgood-Schlatters, Meniscus Tears or Thinning, Moderate Knee Sprains, and Knee Strains.

Made of high-quality material. neoprene with terry cloth for inner lining and medical-grade silicone tubes for the inside brace.

Dual velcro. straps for better fixation

High-density medical-grade silicone tubes. inside the straps for better patellar tracking

Minimalist design. can be easily worn under your pants

Comfortable and Stays In Place. Designed to not restrict your movement and lets you do any physical activity without any discomfort.

  1. Place the center of the “X” knee strap at the back of your knee and wrap the straps around to the front.
  2. The longer strap should be placed above the knee and the shorter strap below the knee, about 1.5-2” from the center of the kneecap.
  3. Use one of the openings to adjust the size.
  4. Fasten the straps, so they are comfortable and tight, but not too tight to restrict blood circulation.

Right Size Matters

Getting the perfect size at the first try is as important as getting the right product. But we understand that deciding what size to take could sometimes be a pain. You can refer to the chart below to get the perfect size for you.

How to measure your upper knee

Dual Pressure Support

Relieve Knee Pain

Dual Knee Brace provides targeted support where you need it the most to help alleviate your knee pain. It effectively supports the kneecap and applies comfortable but effective pressure to the patellar tendon, which reduces stress on the bone, alleviates knee pain, and relieves tension.

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Quality Fabric

The Dual Knee Brace is a high-quality, adjustable neoprene brace that can fit anyone comfortably. It's made from medical grade silicone tubes and strong hold velcro straps to ensure maximum comfort while providing all day support for your knees without any discomfort or pain in the process. The dual strap design also ensures it stays put even under your pants with no hassle whatsoever!


Maximum Support and Comfort

The best braces for your knees are finally here! Designed with the most advanced technology, these knee wraps will keep you in top form and stop any potential injury. The neoprene material is soft enough to be comfortable but strong to hold everything together while also providing a breathable fabric that doesn't put pressure on your skin when it's hot or cold outside.

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Customer Review

4.8 Out Of 5 Stars

John B.


Very Helpful!

I have tried many different knee braces. So far, this is the one that provided a decent amount of pain relief. I have a severe arthritis in my legs and this is compression is very very helpful.

Donita N.


I Made The Right Purchase

At first, I was skeptical in buying the braces. I have tried other brands before and sadly it didn’t work out. I guess I made the right decision trying again. The brace fits perfectly and provides ultimate comfort. A great value for money!

Josh S.


I love it!

Very comfortable! I feel like I can walk all day without my knee aching. Wonderful product!

Leonard C.


Highly Recommended!

I've just had my 64th birthday and my knees started acting up so I've been in the market for knee braces, I've had to return several that was falling down when I walked and this is the only one that stays put and give me the support I need. Would definitely recommend it!

James G.


It Definitely Works

These straps have been very helpful in relieving the pain in my knees due to a lack of cartilage. I can no longer take pain relievers because it may affect my kidneys. I need to take walks, gym visits, and bike rides and these help keep me out of pain when I do.

Molly R.


Awesome Product!

I have osteoarthritis with both my knees and these stabilize my knees and make it easier and almost pain free to walk because it holds your kneecap and keeps it from moving. I can walk and not worry about my knee giving out. So glad I found this. Thank you.